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Welcome to Gadgets Repair HQ Blog, here we will Discuss our Retail Operations, Laptop and Computer Repair, iPhone Repair, TV Repair, PS3, XBOX, Wii Repair, Licensing , Franchising, latest technology Trends, life in Tampa and Sarasota, do you have related topic, please hop in.

iPhone 4 Glass Replacement

iPhone 4 Glass Replacement

I destroyed the glass on my iPhone 4. What do I do now? Do I got to the Apple store and spend $200 to get a refurbished phone without my information? Do I buy a new phone for $400? Why not go to your local Gadgets Repair and spend less than $100 to fix the broken screen on your iPhone 4? At Gadgets Repair we specialize in fixing the broken glass/display on Apple products. The best part is, it's a same day repair! Just drop off your phone at your local Gadgets Repair and get a bite to eat; come back, and taa-dahh your iPhone 4 is looking better than ever! For prices or questions regarding this repair, call the Gadgets Repair closest to you.


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How Much does it Cost to start a Gadgets Repair store/License?

How Much does it Cost to start a Gadgets Repair store/License?

The Costs of starting a cell phone -Laptop Repair -Apple Macbook Repair Store/License


Choose your package: whether you want go Retail or Mobile? You have a store and want to add only Apple products repairs only? Do you want to combine all electronics repair? We will help you choose the right package.

In addition to the one time license fee of $15,000, you can add any of the training  below, please note the build up costs can be anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000

·         Cell phone Repair(including iphone, ipad): $3000

·         Laptops and Computers:$4000

·         Macbooks and other Apple Computers:$5000

·         Game Consoles: $1000

·         TV Repair: $3000

·         Soldering Techniques: $1500


If you join our team, you will have many “a La Carte” options at much minimized charges, such as but not limited

·Market analysis

·Legal and accounting advice

·Complete POS software installed wills all forms you need in every day’s transaction.

·Complete list of all USA based tools and suppliers (we will not force you to buy anything from us)

·Store design and tech area build out:  from 600 to 2000 SFT stores, we will create the best and most efficient design.

·5 days visit from one of our national trainer when you open up the store

·Tech Support: Phone and live video chatting support

·Web site hosting: your location will be listed for free on our site, our site has been up since 2003 and we enjoy high ranking with Google and other engines, we will create SEO campaign that will help your customers find you in the first weeks

·Marketing: from printed material to social media, we will create a campaign that will help you snap up customers from everywhere.

·and much more




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Are you really going to make money out of cell phone repair?

Are you really going to make money out of cell phone repair?

Are you really going to make money out of cell phone repair?


The most famous 3 cell phone repair franchise have opened up stores here in the Tampa Bay area and then they shut them down , will they guarantee your success??


By law, they are obligated to disclose how many franchises have shut down their doors, ask them that before they ask you any agreements to sign.



·         What makes your Store goes out of business, and what makes your store a successful business?


There are many answers for those two questions, few to list:

§  Overhead costs are high, which is typical with famous franchises.

§  Hiring unqualified technicians, employees

§  Thinking that our module will be successful with absentee management.

§  Very few customers look now for famous brand names, they actually look for the “CLOSEST” store for service, six years ago, we used to get over 20 packages from customers all over the States to repair their devices , now customers do not want to drive even 5 miles.

§  Famous franchises talk about success, not about failure, we speak about both

§  Brick and mortal business might work much better than search engine dominated businesses.

§  they will choose the location for you after you pay the money and sign the contract, with us, we will tell you if your success rate is low or high, for a minimum fee we can do a detailed market research and give you our honest advise, whether you purchase our license or not.  

§  And much more you will learn from our 14 years experience.



Gadgets Repair is an electronics repair store not only a cell phone repair or computer store, we have made money only on cell phone repair till 2009, and then competition was so tough that in Tampa  we had a cell phone repair store every 1.3 Miles, that is why we had to convert to the Full electronics repair store, we will teach how to stay up with your market’s trends and demands.  




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Difference between Franchising and Licensing

Difference between Franchising and Licensing

What is Licensing ?

Imagine your DMV issuing you privilege called driving license, same example when you license with GADGETS REPAIR, we teach how  to use our  intellectual property, trademarks,  designs and  trade secrets. You will have the choice of paying a onetime fee, or a reduced fee with minimized royalties.

You will have the choice of choosing any package of repair activities you want, for example you can open up your retail or mobile business, you can also choose cell phone and tablets repair only, or package it with computer and Laptop, TV repair, small electronics repair, we are also adding more lines of services.


What is Franchising ?

Franchising is more restrictive, you have to follow their operating system, adhere to the procedures, operation hours, pay a set fee and a monthly royalty based on your monthly total sales, with some real time examples, the franchisor can take ownership of your own store if you do you meet certain sales or found not in compliance with their terms and conditions.

Licensing with Gadgets Repair

Gadgets Repair is now offering small businesses the opportunity to license.

For a limited time you can now buy a license for as little as $18,000 (plus build up costs).  We will help you train your technicians, and supply you with different packages to choose from so you fit your needs. However do keep in mind that you do not have to buy any supplies from us, you are free to buy and sell whatever goods your heart desires without worrying about breaking a contract.

Our additional services also include Legal and accounting advise to start up your business, marketing, store locator, lease negotiations, technical support, Periodic visits from our trainers, training for the new hired  and much more options.

Do not delay, licensing normally costs $65,000 or more. Take advantage of this opportunity while it still lasts.

Need More Info..., sign up for our blog and ask any questions, you will also find a lot of FAQ

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Beware of DIY repairs!

Beware of DIY repairs!

Youtube makes everything look easy! Including the Do It Yourself videos of fixing your gadgets. However this is not the case. We get numerous customers coming into our stores asking for help after they attempt to fix their own devices. As the old saying goes "Leave it to the pros." If you do, however, have a gadget you tried to fix yourself and is now not functioning properly, feel free to bring it to Gadgets Repair. We will be more than happy to diagnose your gadget! For any questions regarding a repair you may need, call or visit the Gadgets Repair closest to you. 

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iPhone 5s Screen Repair

iPhone 5s Screen Repair

Did you break the glass on your iPhone 5s? Did the LCD go out when your phone took a tumble down the stairs? Don't worry, relax! At Gadgets Repair we can fix your broken iPhone 5s screen in a timely manner. No appointment necessary. All you need to do is store by either our Wesley Chapel, or Sarasota location and take a breather! With any questions regarding the repair or office hours call the Gadgets Repair closest to you!   

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PlayStation 3 Disk Drive Repair


Did your PlayStation 3 suddenly stop reading disks? Did your son or daughter decide your PlayStation 3 could double as a hiding place for the bologna they refuse to eat? Don't panic. The technicians at Gadgets Repair are trained to fix/replace the blu-ray disk drives on your beloved PlayStation 3.  There is no appointment necessary. Just bring in your PlayStation 3 to either of our locations and let the techs do their job. If you have any questions regarding this repair, call or stop by either of our locations. 

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GADGETS H2O PROOF, Electronics water & Liquid Proof

GADGETS H2O PROOF, Electronics water & Liquid  Proof

Electronic components are more a part of our lives than many people think.  Virtually everything in the home and for personal use has electronic components.  Smartphones, tablets, keyboards, cameras, speakers, and mp3 players are made of electronic components.  These components consist of printed circuit boards, batteries, transistors, IC chips, resistors, capacitors and the like, and like all electronics, each part is extremely sensitive to moisture and any liquid.

Moisture, water in particular, can cause corrosion and oxidation, rust, on the conductive paths of the circuitry, and this will lead to catastrophic failure from short circuiting.  The device ceases to work, and the consumer is left with few options but to replace the device.

 GADGETS H2O PROOF™ is a new form of protection from liquid damage without the need for external protection that can sharply reduce the usage and aesthetic appeal of a device.

This solution provides the highest levels of protection from liquids of all types, while simultaneously keeping the device as original as possible.

Rather than the large, bulky covers on today’s devices or the seals that can eventually fail, this new product will not change the look, feel and design of the phone, an element that many now take into consideration when purchasing a cover for a device such as a smart or cell phone.

GADGETS H2O PROOF™ is currently searching for providers, service centers and others across the globe.  Anyone who is willing to offer some of the best protection on the market for their own, family and customer personal cellphones is encouraged to contact us.

Liquid Exposure Protection

Want to text with wet hands or listen to music while walking in the rain?  Now you can.

GADGETS H2O PROOF™ uses a special liquid repellent coating that covers devices against the occasional splash or exposure to a liquid that can ruin a cell phone and a day.

Disclaimer:GADGETS H2O PROOF ™ preventative coating is designed for accidental exposure to liquids.  No assumption of responsibility is assumed for water damaged devices.  GADGETS H2O PROOF ™ does not recommend using your device in or around water to avoid contact as much as possible.

Approved Devices:

All Cell phones up to 5.2 inches wide, Samsung Note 2 & 3 are supported , but Mega galaxy is not supported.

·         All Apple iPhones  3, 3Gs, 4, 4s, 5. 5c, 5s

·         All Samsung up to 5.2 inches

·         All Blackberry

·         All HTC

·         Motorola , Nokia, LG, Huawei, …etc


† Due to the inherent design of the fingerprint sensor, you may experience malfunction after accidental liquid exposure. To allow the fingerprint scanner to regain functionality, power off the device and allow to dry for a minimum of 48 hours per our recommended preventative steps.


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iPhone 5 submerged in water after waterproof coating treatment, Still working, Part 1




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ipad Screen Repair in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Sarasota, Venice, Bradenton

ipad Screen Repair in Tampa, Wesley Chapel, Sarasota, Venice, Bradenton

Get the Service of a Lifetime for Your iPad in Tampa & Sarasota Bay

Owning an iPad can be fun and a matter of pride. It not only renders a certain status symbol to you, but also makes your life smooth. With the thousands of applications from the Apple application Store, our lives have become quite dependent on our iPad.  Are you searching for a book series, or a music album or that special security application? You have got almost everything under the sun inside your iPad. Thus, the iPad is a very precious thing to its owner.

But who can guarantee the strength and longevity of the electronic goods? No matter how efficient and useful it may be, the iPad can be vulnerable at times. You need to get it repaired because, after a few days of using it; you cannot think of your life without the iPad. Hence it is very much a necessity to know where you can get your iPad repaired. Are you visiting the famous Tampa & Sarasota Bay for your surprise weekend vacation? That is indeed a great idea. Hope you have a great time there. But everything is not that easy in life. Did your iPad LCD screen crack or get scratched when you collided with the staircase railings of the resort? Did it go all blank? Do not panic. Accidents happen. You are fortunate though, because iPad repair in Tampa & Sarasota is not a very painful one. There are a number of renowned shops who do iPad repair in Tampa & Sarasota. They offer you a large bouquet of services. Is your touch screen digitizer not working properly? Are there problems with the iPad's mouthpiece, speakers, charging port or the longevity of the batteries? Then you are at the right place because these mechanics who perform iPad repairs in Tampa & Sarasota can fix any issues related to your device within quite a commendable timeline. There is dexterity in work and their efficiency will no doubt take you in awe, and you will soon praise them for their work. These people are swift enough to deliver you your device within a couple of hours. So you are spared from the horrors of staying away from your important files for a longer time.

Do not scold or beat your child just because it has thrown your iPad into the pool. Well, that is indeed a horrifying moment for you but keep your calm. The men from the shops for iPad repair Tampa & Sarasota are great in diagnosing and treating iPads affected by water. Soon your iPad will be working as new, and you will get the same amount of utmost utilities.


Thus, next time you have to catch a flight back home from Tampa & Sarasota, and suddenly your iPad stops working, you surely know that you have great assistance for repairing the iPad back to normal.

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Same Day Laptop Repair; Sarasota & Bradenton Florida

Same Day Laptop Repair; Sarasota & Bradenton Florida

Professional Laptop Repair; Sarasota & Bradenton Florida

Usage of Laptop has grown tremendously. Laptop is slowly replacing desktop from common households, offices and big organizations. Any Digital Commodities is prone to problems. But in the case of laptops, problems cannot be solved by a common user itself. This requires laptop repairing specialist and professional franchise who knows everything about laptop repairs to mitigate the problems. This has led to the demand of expert laptop repairing specialist and there are no government agencies providing such courses. So in this article we will discuss How to find and learn laptop repairing course from a professional laptop repair franchise in Sarasota & Bradenton, Florida.

There’s a huge demand of laptop repairing specialists, but the problem there is no such vocational courses run by any govt. funded institutions. So in this article we will discuss the ways to learn laptop repairing and how laptop repairing course is essential and useful to getting a job. The very best chance you have of choosing a great local computer repair service is if you're referred to one. If several people had a fantastic experience with one particular repair service, the chance of you receiving similar service is likely very good. I had a similar experience few months back trying to get my laptop computer fixed and wanted to back-up some important files. I rang a friend in Florida and he referred me to a particular laptop repair company in Sarasota & Bradenton. I visited their and site and decided to try them out, my laptop computer was fixed in well under 48 hours and their rate is simply amazing. Please make sure you visit the guys at:

Sarasota & Bradenton Bradenton
Venice Port Charlotte
3412 Clark Road
Sarasota & Bradenton FL 34231
Phone: (941) 922-2580

About the repair school: if you own a laptop, it can break down, stop working, or catch a virus. That means there is a huge market. Because it is such a huge market anyone can open a corner store and start selling repairs. Now what if someone opens a store across the street from you?  Even if the prices are equally matched the number of sales in each store is virtually cut in half. So you advertise? That counts for only about 30 percent of your business.  Or what if the person across the street from you is part of a huge credible franchise? Are you prepared to compete with that or will you watch your business crumble under theirs? At there are qualified professionals who will tutor you on how to Remove viruses and spyware, configure a backup for your important files, recover lost or deleted data, setup new equipment including tablets and smartphones, secure your computers and network.

We do not just teach you how to perform the actual repairs we show you how to incorporate these skills into your business in a way that will make money. We show you how to set up your store, train technicians, set up work stations, find optimal solutions that increase profit margins, and much more.


Finally, it’s a dream to have astute professional laptop repair technicians work on your laptop. The laptop repairs Sarasota & Bradenton are simply unbelievable. Visit them today to solve all your laptop computer issues. There are huge demands of jobs in this field, there is a need of good institutes and that’s why computer repairs Sarasota & Bradenton, Florida without any marketing is slowly making a name in this field.

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Laptop & Computer Repair in Tampa & sarasota



Gadgets Repair

Computers, laptops, mobile devices and game consoles have become part of our daily lives. However, the expense of purchasing and repairing such devices can be a big drain on your budget. Maintaining such devices at their peak efficiency means you get the most out of their uses to help you through your day.

Where can you find the best laptop repair Tampa & Sarasota residents have trusted for years? Gadgets Repair is the company that provides quick repairs and maintenance on your computers, laptops and mobile devices. Serving the greater Tampa & Sarasota area, Gadgets Repair has garnered a well deserved reputation for providing the best in terms of repair services that run the gamut from computers, laptops, smartphones, tablets, game consoles and more.

What is Gadgets Repair?

Gadgets Repair offers the best laptop repair Tampa & Sarasota residents have used for years while also repairing many of your other gadgets as well. Gadgets Repair will service and maintain the following;

-       Computers & Laptops

-       Samsung Galaxy & iPhones

-       Tablets, Game Consoles & More

In addition to the repair services, there are also maintenance and prevention services as well. Gadgets Repair has become one of Tampa & Sarasota’s best resources when it comes to helping people service, repair and maintain their devices which have become a part of our daily lives. Gadgets Repair offers the best in customer service when it comes to helping you with your computers and gadgets so that they can maintain their efficiency for years to come.

What can Gadgets Repair do for You?

There are a number of services that Gadgets Repair can do for you in terms of repairing and maintaining the gadgets around the home and those you carry around.

Waterproof your Device: One of the most annoying things that can happen to your cell phone, tablet or laptop is dropping it in water and watching it become ruined almost instantly. Gadgets Repair can waterproof your device quickly and easily without the need for expensive cases. In this manner, you can still use your device just like before only without fear of getting it wet.

Virus Removal: Arguably the biggest single issue facing computer and mobile device users is the threat of viruses and malware. Taking your device into Gadgets Repair means that the problem gets identified quickly and removed so that your computer or mobile device can be returned to normal.

Maintaining your Budget: All too often, people conclude that their computers, laptops and mobile devices have become too slow with age or have become outdated and need to be replaced which costs them hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. In many cases, these same devices can be used for years and maintain their speed and efficiency through the simple maintenance provided by Gadgets Repair. Why spend more when you can get more from what you have?


Overall, Gadgets Repair is more than just the best laptop repair Tampa & Sarasota residents have used for years, it is the place where you can take your computer, and mobile device and game console and get it fixed promptly at low, competitive prices. 

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WaterProof your phone, protect your iphone, Samsung, LG, HTC from liquid damage

WaterProof your phone, protect your iphone, Samsung, LG, HTC from liquid damage

We now offer the same waterproof your phone service as liquipel,phones up to 5.2 inches only, discount for retailers, we also the Machine and liquid, just as liquipel, we will not publish any photos or videos of our machine.

Machine is also sold, inquire through youtube contact, Dealers only please.just as Liquipel, we cant show the machine here in any video.

price is $70 , shipping included  to the lower 48 States

click on the link below to pay with Paypal 



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Cell Phone Accessories, Iphone, Samsung , Waterproof, in Sarasota & New Tampa Stores

Cell Phone Accessories, Iphone, Samsung , Waterproof, in Sarasota & New Tampa Stores

Many Gadgets Accessories At Both locations in Sarasota & Wesley Chapel    GADGETS REPAIR!!

We sell a wide Variety of accessories to keep your gadgets from breaking!

We sell Tempered Glass for many different cell phone Brands.

We Sell Cases to protect your phone from future damage.


We Offer Many Different Discounts to returned Customers Or Customers Getting Repairs. 

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