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Ipad Repair Sarasota

Ipad Repair Sarasota

Do you have a cracked screen on your iPad? We've got your fix! Bring in your IPAD (all models welcome) and we can fix it for you in about an hour. No need for an appointment, just come on down. We are located at 3412 Clark Rd. Sarasota, Fl 34231. Or you can give us a call at 941-922-2580 with your questions.

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TV repair

TV repair

Do you have a TV that needs to be repaired? Stop by Gadget's Repair in Sarasota for a diagnostic. We charge only $1.00 per inch to diagnose your television. We will apply that deposit toward the repair,

once we figure out what the problem is.

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Computer/ Laptop Repair


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Excellent condition unlocked htc one M7 phone. Come see us at 3412 Clark Rd. $180.00

call for more info: 941 922 2580




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expert repair for the ipad

expert repair for the ipad

b2ap3_thumbnail_cracked_ipad2.gifb2ap3_thumbnail_ipad-2-complete.jpgAn elderly woman recently brought an iPad that was dropped down a flight of stairs to me. She said she went to several places around town to get it repaired, and all of them told her the same thing, that it was a hopeless cause. She looked at me with a strait face and begged me to get it to work somehow. She recently lost her husband, and had a ton of photos and videos of him located only on the iPad. There were no back ups to anything... not even their computer! I had to do something seeing as how several other company's turned her away and told her it was not worth doing! So i grabbed the iPad and got to work. 2 days later and a very small bill, i not only saved the ipad, but i had her bring her Macbook in and backed up the photos and videos onto it as well. We called her into the shop and grabbed the ipad and started hugging it cause his face was the screen saver. she then looked at me and started hugging me and thanking me several times! I knew at that moment she would never go to another shop to get any electronic fixed ever again! 

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Huawei's 8-inch MediaPad, runs Android 4.3, and costs $189 (hands-on)

Huawei's 8-inch MediaPad, runs Android 4.3, and costs $189 (hands-on)

Though it already launched the device globally last year, China-based mobile manufacturer Huawei has begun selling its MediaPad T1 tablet through its online store portal and e-commerce giant Amazon. It is available unlocked for $189.

Prior to this, interested buyers could only purchase the device offline in big box retail stores.


The MediaPad T1 sports a sleek metal trim and a soft aluminum backing. It's equipped with an 8-inch display. That's not exactly razor-sharp, but during my brief time with it I observed that the screen's 188 pixels per inch was enough to display images, text and icons legibly. In addition, the screen is a tad dim, with only 300 nits of brightness.

Powering the device is a 1.2GHz quad-core A7 processor and a 4,800mAh battery. For all your photo needs, there is a 5-megapixel camera on the rear, while the front houses a 0.3-megapixel shooter.

Other features include 1GB of RAM, 8GB of onboard memory, and up to 32GB of expandable storage. Users can find the microSD card slot on the right edge of the tablet, covered by a small plastic tab.

The MediaPad T1 runs a rather dated version of Google Android's mobile operating system -- v4.3 Jelly Bean. Layered on top is Huawei's Emotion user interface, which comes with different display themes to choose from.

In addition to being Wi-Fi enabled, the device features 2G and 3G connectivity, so you can input a data SIM card from a network provider. Though its specs aren't top-of-the line, the MediaPad T1's clean design and sub-$200 price tag gives it the potential to be a decent budget tablet

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SmartPhones Today Have All The Same Flaws

SmartPhones Today Have All The Same Flaws
Flaw 1: Smartphones just aren't durable enough

Look around next time you're in an airport, on a train, or at a Starbucks. I bet almost everyone in your field of vision has a case on his or her phone.

Of course, there's a class of confident souls who carry their phones naked, sans case. Many never have a problem. Others aren't so lucky, as evidenced by the number of people I see riding the New York City subway using case-less phones with cracked screens.

Cars have bumpers on them. Smartphones don't. Which is why we put our own bumpers on them. And screen covers. Both cottage industries are flourishing.

Compare that to 10 or 15 years ago -- I bet your old flip phone or old-school BlackBerry could take a beating and come back for more.

Insurance is an option. But who wants to pay even more money for a phone that already costs too much to begin with. And AT&T, for example, has a $200 deductible for any higher-end phone you insure. So a case seems like the most cost-effective protection solution, and if it helps keep your device in pristine condition, you might get more money for it on eBay or a trade-in down the road when you buy your next $750 phone.

Speaking of pristine, the other problem with today's smartphones is that the sleeker they are, the worse they look with any sort of blemish. Drop your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus the right way and you may just end up with a dented corner because metal dents, it doesn't break. But there's no body shop to take your iPhone to. The dent stays. Some can live with it. Others decide to hide it with a case.

A handful of more rugged phones exist, including those in Samsung's Galaxy Active line. And Samsung's standard Galaxy S5 could withstand a full dunk underwater, a feature the company decided to leave off the S6 and S6 Edge (perhaps a theoretical "S6 Active" will have it). However, a lot of these "tough" models are only marginally more rugged than their non-rugged siblings (and to be clear, Samsung doesn't describe its Active line as "rugged").

Who knows what we can expect from the future? Apple's rumored Sapphire-screen iPhone didn't materialize (yet), but Corning is launching its Project Phire Gorilla Glass by the end of 2015. Whether it will be truly unbreakable or not under normal wear and tear is anybody's guess.

Flaw 2: Lackluster battery life

The typical high-end smartphone is supposed to have enough battery life to get you through a full day -- at least with moderate use. But over time a lot of people find their phones want to take a siesta by mid afternoon.

The Geniuses at your local Apple Bar sometimes chalk that up to human error. Battery life can be reduced by the way you operate your phone. Some people are able to run it more efficiently than others. There are apps you can turn off, settings to tweak, tricks you can learn.

And that's not the only battery is bad. Introduce streaming video, gaming or excessive camera use, and you might not even last a few hours. Which leaves you with a few choices: charge your phone the old-fashioned way (use a wall charger); charge it with an external battery option; or keep your phone in a battery case that gives you extra juice on demand, in many cases doubling the battery life you'd normally get.

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Possibly A New Ipad?

Possibly A New Ipad?

Apple will be looking to make a statement with the next generation of its flagship tablet. Though the iPad remains the standard-bearer for the category, a gaggle of rivals -- from Samsung to a collection of mostly lower-end competitors -- have continued to cut into Apple's  market share. since the iPad Air 2 and Mini 3 debuted in October 2014.

That noted, Apple has introduced an array of interesting new features and products over the past few months including Force Touch, which brought pressure-sensitivity to the new MacBook trackpads the Apple Watch service, which continues to gain traction and add retail partners.There is speculation that elements of these technologies could find their way into the next iPad.


Apple could also inject new life -- and further profitability -- into the iPad line by creating a new high-end model with a larger screen.

Of course, Apple remains characteristically tight-lipped about all of this. Into this vacuum of fact-based evidence, the Internet is awash in rumor, theory, and hearsay about speeds, feeds, designs and features. Even the product name is a subject of conjecture, with "iPad Pro" and "iPad Plus" emerging as the most credible contenders.

With the important caveat that this is merely a rumored product -- and one which may never even see the light of day -- we present the top predictions that have bubbled to the surface.

Announcement and release dates

There's a long shot that the company could introduce the iPad Pro at its World Wide Developers Conference, scheduled to run from June 8 to 12 in San FranciscoBut given that Apple has debuted new iPads, large and small, in October or November since 2012, that timeframe is much more likely. An autumn release -- alongside, we assume, an iPad Air 3 and Mini 4 -- would also dovetail with the presumed availability of an updated iOS 9 mobile operating system, which Apple will almost certainly preview at its June WWDC event.


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Samsung Galaxy Tablet A is cheap, but not that cheerful!!

Samsung Galaxy Tablet A is cheap, but not that cheerful!!

Want a tablet for you to enjoy some Netflix on the sofa, but is cheap enough that you don't mind your kids playing with it when you're all on holiday? Don't risk getting your pricey new iPad smothered in cake, take a look instead at the new Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

That cheap price tag does come with a a set of compromises however, including a very low screen resolution, and rather uninspiring design.

Design and display

Samsung clearly hasn't wasted wads of cash on looks for the Tab A, as it has a very plain design. It's an all-plastic slate, with a plain back panel, broken only by the Samsung logo and camera lens at the top. At 242mm long and 166mm wide, you probably won't be able to squeeze it into your jeans pocket, but its skinny 7.5mm thickness should let it slide into your backpack next to your books without any trouble.The tablet comes with 16GB of internal storage as standard, but you'll find a microSD card slot around the side, which lets' you expand the storage with cards up to 128GB in size.


It comes with features like a kids mode -- in case you're planning on keeping your little 'uns quiet with some games in the car. Samsung also boasts that it comes with various of preinstalled software. Samsung has a history of filling its devices with a lot of needless clutter, so I'm hoping it hasn't gone overboard here.

It's powered by a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, backed up by 1.5GB of RAM. That's not a powerful engine by any means, but should be sufficient to keep Twitter, Facebook and your web browser ticking along nicely. 

Providing the juice is a 6,000mAh battery, which should hopefully be capacious enough to let you watch a film or two when you're on a long, unbearably dull plane journey.


With its plain design and poor screen resolution, the Samsung Galaxy Tab A doesn't impress on paper, but its affordable price does go a long way to making that bitter pill easier to swallow. We'll be seeing what this slate can really do in the full review soon.

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Which Apple MacBook To Buy This Year?

Which Apple MacBook To Buy This Year?

For anyone considering a new MacBook purchase, all this new hardware makes choosing which one to buy even more difficult. Unfortunately, there's not one single perfect MacBook recommendation for everyone, and each model has its strengths and weaknesses. It comes down to a combination of budget, required features, and just how portable you need to be.

The new 12-inch MacBook this a design and engineering marvel, but is also missing features some might find irreplaceable, such as nearly all the common ports and connections, or a mainstream Core i5 processor. It's also expensive, and costs just as much as the much more powerful 13-inch MacBook Air.

Meanwhile, the 13-inch MacBook Air soldiers on, relatively unchanged year after year. It's a testament to just how far ahead of the curve this laptop was that it's only now started to look dated, as the best Windows laptops finally catch up.. It also continues to break battery life records, with the 2015 update adding a new fifth-generation Intel Core i5 processor for 18 hours of life in our video playback battery drain test, and 10 hours in a tough online streaming test. 

The Best Choice Is..



In the final analysis, it's clear that the 13-inch MacBook Pro is the most all-around useful laptop Apple makes. But, it's not the right choice for everyone.

The Pro is not nearly as portable as the other two models, even if it could still go along with you in a laptop case a couple of times per week without too much aggravation. Meanwhile, the 12-inch MacBook is the perfect portable laptop, and it's so thin and light, you'll hardly notice you're carrying it, but it forces many feature and performance compromises.

That means a lot of MacBook shoppers will still end up looking seriously at the 13-inch Air. While it's not the superstar it once was, it's hard to ignore at $999. Our key takeaways include:

  • The 13-inch MacBook Pro has excellent battery life, a beautiful, higher-res screen, and plenty of ports and connections.
  • The 12-inch MacBook isn't powerful enough for more than casual tasks and web surfing, and you'll be lucky if that battery lasts a full day.
  • The 13-inch MacBook Air still works well enough for most any mainstream workload, and it has the best battery life of any laptop we've ever tested.
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Verizon buy AOL in $4.4B Bet

Verizon buy AOL in $4.4B Bet

Verizon announced Tuesday that it has signed a deal to acquire AOL for $50 per share, for a total value of $4.4 billion. A powerhouse during the dot-com boom more than a decade ago, AOL has become something of an afterthought amid today's online trendsetters, but it does have a stable of Web publications and packs some video savvy as well.

 Worldwide, the digital advertising market in 2014 was worth $145 billion, according to the research firm eMarketer, and AOL's share was less than 1 percent, well behind leaders Google (31 percent) and Facebook (8 percent). AOL's portion in the US alone was slightly over 2 percent. Mobile advertising, meanwhile, is set to jump from $42.6 billion worldwide in 2014 to $68.7 billion this year, eMarketer said.

Last year, Verizon acquired Intel's Internet TV business after the chipmaker failed to get it off the ground McAdam offered a similar sentiment at that time, saying that Intel's TV service, called OnCue, would "help Verizon bring next-generation video services to audiences." Rumors of a possible AOL acquisition began heating up earlier this year. Rival AT&T has been providing over-the-top video content through its U-Verse platform, which allows people to stream live television, shows and movies.

Still, investors have been discontent with AOL and over the years have called on Armstrong to sell the company

AOL will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Verizon, and Armstrong will remain in charge of it. Verizon expects the deal to close this summer.Over the last several years, AOL has watched its business steadily grow, to $2.5 billion last year. The company generated a $125.6 million profit in 2014. Still, investors have been discontent with AOL and over the years have called on Armstrong to sell the company!

Deal is a tender offer, meaning Verizon will acquire all shares on the open market from current investors; the board at AOL is not required to approve the deal in order for it to go through. Such a deal usually carries a premium to entice shareholders to accept the offer. In the case of AOL, Verizon is offering a 17 percent premium on AOL's closing price of $42.59 on Monday.

AOL's stock was up around 18 percent to just over $50 a share in morning trading. Verizon's shares were down by less than 1 percent to around $49.50.

Article from:

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Even Macs Gets Viruses!!

Even Macs Gets Viruses!!

 Apple computer users may think they have nothing to worry about when it comes to contracting viruses and malware online, but a Russian antivirus company is reporting that 600,000 Macs are currently infected with a nasty trojan horse virus called “Flashback.” 

About 600,000 Mac computers have actually been infected and some — about 274 — are actually based in the same city as Apple's headquarters, Cupertino, Calif. About 57% of the infected Macs are said to be in the U.S. and 20% are based in Canada.

There are no visible symptoms for this Mac virus, except for making sporadic connections to unknown servers that can be only seen in the Firewall logs, if any firewall is in place," Boris Sharov, CEO of Doctor Web, told Mashable. "The symptoms also depend on the payload that may be downloaded upon the command from the control server.The bad thing about these types of infections is that it is hard to prevent them without disconnecting one's computer from the Internet all together," 

"Unfortunately, the number of infected computers is still increasing," Sharov said. "This means that users are careless about security patches, and they shouldn't be.Although symptoms are minimal, there are a few things you can do to see if you are infected."

Sources from :


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Galaxy S6 Vs LG G4: who wins??

Galaxy S6 Vs LG G4: who wins??

1. Design – Premium Build Quality Without Compromise

Samsung wisely upgraded the build quality of the Galaxy S6, but it did so by compromising features Galaxy S5 users love: the removable battery and expandable storage.

The downside? Both the Galaxy S6 and G4 lack the S5’s water resistance. In addition the G4 is notably bigger than the Galaxy S6.

2. Camera – Brilliant Meets Even Better


  • Galaxy S5 – 16 megapixel Samsung ISOCELL F2.2 sensor, DIS, LED flash, 4k video. Front facing 2MP camera, 1080p video
  • Galaxy S6 – 16 megapixel Sony IMX240 sensor, F1.9, OIS, LED flash, 4K video. Front facing 5MP camera, 1080p video
  • LG G4 – 16 megapixel sensor, F1.8, OIS, Dual LED flash, 4k video. Front facing 8MP camera, 1080p video 

You’re going to be thrilled with both cameras, but early impressions are the LG G4 will take the prize.

3. Battery Life – An Easy Win

 The Galaxy S5 had excellent stamina, but the S6 compounded its decision to ditch the S5’s removable battery by also shrinking its battery capacity. Neither are mistakes LG has made:


  • Galaxy S5 – 2800 mAh capacity battery
  • Galaxy S6 – 2550 mAh capacity battery
  • LG G4 – 3000 mAh capacity battery

Conclusion – Love The Galaxy S5? Buy The LG G4

let’s immediately get something out of the way: the Galaxy S6 is a brilliant phone. For me a better phone than the Galaxy S5.The problem is it doesn't feel like a Galaxy S5 successor. It ditches the S5’s trademark flexibility and practicality for style and it becomes a better rival to the iPhone 6.

So while Samsung is busy trying to win over iPhone owners with the Galaxy S6, I’d like to think LG is quietly winning dissatisfied Galaxy S3, S4 and S5 customers from Samsung…





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Samsung Galaxy cell phone batteries in stock

Samsung Galaxy cell phone batteries in stock

We now have in stock original oem  Samsung batteries for

Galaxy S2  S3,S4,S5

Note 2, note 3, Note 4




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Don't spend money you don't have to. Protect your iphone 5 screen and LCD with a simple fix. Well give you a free case or tempered glass when you repair you iphone 5 screen with us. Variety of colors to choose from. 

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Xbox 360 repaired in Sarasota

Xbox 360 repaired in Sarasota

just fixed an xbox 360 slim  which doesnt read the games, we do not change the laser lenses anymore, we just give you a new disk drive .


the same fix apply also to "OPEN TRAY" error


call us for the most updates pricing

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Our Sarasota Gadgets Repair Store Business for sale

Minimum overhead,repeated customers,uptrend Growth Prospects.

This is a corporate store, but we want to sell it as we want to focus on finding buyers for our license, you can buy this store as a one time deal, or as a license at a reduced price, Monthly royalty will be paid.

it was opened as an additional location in Oct 2011 and turned into profitability March 2012.

You will learn how to repair all sorts of gadgets:
Cell phones, Smart and Non smart that included iPhones, Samsung, HTC Touch screen devices and tablets etc.
Computers and laptops: you will learn not only the simple repairs of reloading windows or the removal of viruses, you will also learn how to perform level 3 repairs such as no Power up failures, No video, not charging...etc.
Apple Laptops
Game consoles: Xbox, PlayStation, Wii.
TVs and LCD s
Soldering Techniques: learn Tools and machines, How to de-solder & solder Board components.
Consumer electronics with power failures and other glitches
We now enjoy high ranking with Google and other search engines on many keywords, daily referral from major corporate stores, very sound word by the mouth referrals, and a very busy plaza.

lease : expires Aug 2016, 5 yrs renewable. $2300/Mon.

Please don't visit or contact employees without prior consent. For more details, please call 813-500-0066 , DO NOT CONTACT me asking me to place an ad in your site or portal.

Attached Documents

None provided.

Detailed Information

Included in asking price
Furniture, Fixtures, & Equipment (FF&E):
Included in asking price
Get paid the first day, Turnkey Retail store, fully furbished and equipped with all Equipment, Tools and merchandise.
just like any trade , competition can not be denied, part of the training is store management and how to deal with existing and new competition.
Growth & Expansion:
Pros: very uptrend growth. cons:can be run under absentee management, but do not expect to make the same money if the owner devotes at least 40 hours/week
Support & Training:
1 month, extended support can be negotiated.
Reason for Selling:
owner want to focus on Licensing
Business Website:

For more information , you can  check the listing on Bizbuysell web site


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MacPro Virus

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Samsung Galaxy S5 LCD Display Repair / Replacement

Have you damaged the Samsung Galaxy S5 LCD (the picture you see on your device) which is below the main front glass screen digitizer. If the LCD is damaged, you will notice your screen has gone white, or there is a series of discolored lines appearing, or possibly just a blank display. Gadgets Repair in Sarasota can replace the LCD of your device and get it working like new.


Servicing  Sarasota, Venice, Englewood, Osprey, Myakka, Nokomis


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