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Welcome to Gadgets Repair HQ Blog, here we will Discuss our Retail Operations, Laptop and Computer Repair, iPhone Repair, TV Repair, PS3, XBOX, Wii Repair, Licensing , Franchising, latest technology Trends, life in Tampa and Sarasota, do you have related topic, please hop in.

For our clients who is interested in starting up a Gadgets Repair Store, we now offer licensing.

Q&A with CEO Ahmed Mansour Regarding the Gadgets Repair Franchise & Licensing

Q&A with CEO Ahmed Mansour Regarding the Gadgets Repair Franchise & Licensing

Q&A with CEO Ahmed Mansour

CEO of Gadgets Repair, Ahmed Mansour, took a few minutes to chat with Business-Opportunities.Biz about how in order to compete in the long run, Gadgets Repair had to adjust the business model, and how that move has paid off. Mansour also discusses what he looks for in potential licensees and where he sees the business headed in the next five years.

What is the idea behind Gadgets Repair?

We started as a cell phone repair business, but after seven years, competition grew around us; we had to find other sources of income related to the same technology.

How does Gadgets Repair compare to its competition?

Super-efficient, with great sources of cheap and good quality repair parts and equipment, and honest advice. We will do market research in the target area before we sell any license.


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We are looking for area Developers, Investors in the USA, UK and Canada

Huge commission up to 50% , contact us for more details.

What is an Area Developer?


An area developer agrees with a franchisor to open a certain number of units by a set date in a specified, exclusive territory. The area developer pays a development fee up front for this exclusivity, and a franchise fee each time they open a unit. They often benefit from financial incentives as they open additional units, enjoying reduced fees in exchange for building the brand successfully in their territory.

Area developers can also recruit and train franchisees to launch new units in their territory. The area developer receives a percentage of the franchise fee for each new unit sold to a franchisee, along with a percentage of the ongoing royalty fee.

An area development agreement is attractive and suited to an individual or company looking for a significant investment opportunity to which they can bring their strong management experience, proven track record and, often, knowledge of the industry concerned.

Increasingly, franchisors are using the area development model as their main method of expansion, preferring to (a) deal with one entity operating several units and (b) allocate the recruitment and support of franchisees to experienced representatives who are often more familiar with the territory than the franchisor because they already do business there. Having the right area developer in place can greatly accelerate the growth of a franchise system.




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5621 Hits in on the Radio with Bert Martinez, Money For Lunch Host

We were hosted today by the Amazing  Bert Martinez, Bert is an American entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker. He became known through his business articles and books, Ready, Aim, Excel!. [1] Martinez writes about subjects such as sales, overcoming fears, persuasive communication, and marketing. Martinez began his career selling health club memberships in Houston, Texas.

Martinez frequently appears as a marketing pundit for media organizations including Fox News, CNN, Inc. Magazine, and Business Week magazine, as well as Newspapers, Radio programs, and Internet media worldwide

We spoke about our Franchise, licensing Gadgets Repair  , and Who We are, what is the difference between Franchising & Licensing, Why would a retail cell phone store go out of business, How much does it cost to start a license, and why a customer would choose us over famous franchisors.

here is the Link





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Cell Phone Repair Franchise with Gadgets Repair


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According to Pew Research Center in Washington, DC, As of January 2014:

  • 90% of American adults have a cell phone
  • 58% of American adults have a smartphone
  • 32% of American adults own an e-reader
  • 42% of American adults own a tablet computer

For more detailed information, refer to Pew Research Web Site

Over the past 2 years since we started our All Gadgets Repair module, we have seen the same customers who fixed a cell phone walks in with a laptop, computer, tablet, TV, Game console, or vice versa, we found out that the customers prefer to use a "ONE STOP REPAIR STORE", the like hood of getting a returning customer discount brings the customer back into the store. We had many customers from out of town who said they wish to see such a module in their home town.

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Electronic Repair Training

Electronic Repair Training

Late 2010 we started offering technology repair classes, we started offering them as a cell phone repair one week course, we expanded quickly to Laptops, Game consoles, and TV Repairs, we trained customers till that day when one of our students told us " your course is so good, you can build a whole new business around it, I have attended another cell phone repair class in New Jersey and Nevada , but I have learned in one week in Tampa more than I learned combined in other courses" .

That customer is running now a successful Electronics Repair shop in the USA.

We then decided to cease our courses as we knew that our courses are underpriced and they have to be offered as a complete business module , not individual courses.

Once you decided to carry our name , training session will be organized in our head office in Wesley Chapel, Florida, not only you will get hands on training and real contact with retail customers, but also learn about the market, goals, strategy, risk and Returns

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Why choose Gadgets Repair? -Licensing

Why choose Gadgets Repair? -Licensing

We started our business in 2001 as a cell phone wholesaler. In 2003 we invested in a cell phone repair franchise and ran our operations under that name. We terminated that franchise in 2006 due to many operational problems with the Franchisor. For example, the monthly Royalty Fees were unrealistic and increased our overheads.

With the arrival of the IPhone in 2007 our business grew substantially along with other manufacturers offering various touch screen phones. As the competition increased we developed other venues and services to expand our base and as a result increased our revenues.

In 2012 we brought in new technology and our business model kept pace along with our technical skills. As a result, we launched, "GADGETS REPAIR".

In 2013 and early 2014, we have seen the fall of 3 of the most famous cell phone repair franchisors in the Tampa Bay area, some were independent owned, some were corporate, There are many reasons why any business would fall and shut down their door, based on our 14 years experience, we can say that the costly overheads is the number 1 reason to blame. We have seen money burned by small investors who want to get into this business and think that 2 weeks training is enough to start.

Simply put, we will give you the honest advise, we were a franchisee one day and know that all current franchisors are overpriced.

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Step by Step Through Licensing a Gadgets Repair Store

Step by Step Through Licensing a Gadgets Repair Store

Once you have decided you would like totakethe Nextstep in evaluatingtheGadgetsRepairLicensemodel, contactus.We will go through anevaluation processwith you tohelp you decide if thisisright foryouand if you are rightfor Gadgets Repair.kindoflikeamatchmaking experience!Thereareno commitmentsbytakingthefirst step, thisisaprocessto determine ifwe are agoodfit forone anotherfirst.


Once we have completed theinitial interviewsand evaluation process, we will invite you to aDiscovery Day


thisiswhen you cometothe corporate locationand spend an afternoon withus learningaboutGadgets Repair–the businessoperatingprocedures, the culture and theconceptingeneral will be shared with you.  At that time,you will getthecompletepictureofGadgets Repair.


Step 1:Fill out theEvaluation Form


Step 2:SendEvaluation  to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Step 3:  Arrange foranInitialPhoneConsultation to“Meet the Team”


Step 4:  Arrange foraDiscoveryDay–Tampa,Florida


Step 5:ReviewLicenseAgreement


Step 6:JointheTeam!





Gadgets Repair Licensing: 




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How Much does it Cost to start a Gadgets Repair store/License?

How Much does it Cost to start a Gadgets Repair store/License?

The Costs of starting a cell phone -Laptop Repair -Apple Macbook Repair Store/License


Choose your package: whether you want go Retail or Mobile? You have a store and want to add only Apple products repairs only? Do you want to combine all electronics repair? We will help you choose the right package.

In addition to the one time license fee of $15,000, you can add any of the training  below, please note the build up costs can be anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000

·         Cell phone Repair(including iphone, ipad): $3000

·         Laptops and Computers:$4000

·         Macbooks and other Apple Computers:$5000

·         Game Consoles: $1000

·         TV Repair: $3000

·         Soldering Techniques: $1500


If you join our team, you will have many “a La Carte” options at much minimized charges, such as but not limited

·Market analysis

·Legal and accounting advice

·Complete POS software installed wills all forms you need in every day’s transaction.

·Complete list of all USA based tools and suppliers (we will not force you to buy anything from us)

·Store design and tech area build out:  from 600 to 2000 SFT stores, we will create the best and most efficient design.

·5 days visit from one of our national trainer when you open up the store

·Tech Support: Phone and live video chatting support

·Web site hosting: your location will be listed for free on our site, our site has been up since 2003 and we enjoy high ranking with Google and other engines, we will create SEO campaign that will help your customers find you in the first weeks

·Marketing: from printed material to social media, we will create a campaign that will help you snap up customers from everywhere.

·and much more




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Are you really going to make money out of cell phone repair?

Are you really going to make money out of cell phone repair?

Are you really going to make money out of cell phone repair?


The most famous 3 cell phone repair franchise have opened up stores here in the Tampa Bay area and then they shut them down , will they guarantee your success??


By law, they are obligated to disclose how many franchises have shut down their doors, ask them that before they ask you any agreements to sign.



·         What makes your Store goes out of business, and what makes your store a successful business?


There are many answers for those two questions, few to list:

§  Overhead costs are high, which is typical with famous franchises.

§  Hiring unqualified technicians, employees

§  Thinking that our module will be successful with absentee management.

§  Very few customers look now for famous brand names, they actually look for the “CLOSEST” store for service, six years ago, we used to get over 20 packages from customers all over the States to repair their devices , now customers do not want to drive even 5 miles.

§  Famous franchises talk about success, not about failure, we speak about both

§  Brick and mortal business might work much better than search engine dominated businesses.

§  they will choose the location for you after you pay the money and sign the contract, with us, we will tell you if your success rate is low or high, for a minimum fee we can do a detailed market research and give you our honest advise, whether you purchase our license or not.  

§  And much more you will learn from our 14 years experience.



Gadgets Repair is an electronics repair store not only a cell phone repair or computer store, we have made money only on cell phone repair till 2009, and then competition was so tough that in Tampa  we had a cell phone repair store every 1.3 Miles, that is why we had to convert to the Full electronics repair store, we will teach how to stay up with your market’s trends and demands.  




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Difference between Franchising and Licensing

Difference between Franchising and Licensing

What is Licensing ?

Imagine your DMV issuing you privilege called driving license, same example when you license with GADGETS REPAIR, we teach how  to use our  intellectual property, trademarks,  designs and  trade secrets. You will have the choice of paying a onetime fee, or a reduced fee with minimized royalties.

You will have the choice of choosing any package of repair activities you want, for example you can open up your retail or mobile business, you can also choose cell phone and tablets repair only, or package it with computer and Laptop, TV repair, small electronics repair, we are also adding more lines of services.


What is Franchising ?

Franchising is more restrictive, you have to follow their operating system, adhere to the procedures, operation hours, pay a set fee and a monthly royalty based on your monthly total sales, with some real time examples, the franchisor can take ownership of your own store if you do you meet certain sales or found not in compliance with their terms and conditions.

Licensing with Gadgets Repair

Gadgets Repair is now offering small businesses the opportunity to license.

For a limited time you can now buy a license for as little as $18,000 (plus build up costs).  We will help you train your technicians, and supply you with different packages to choose from so you fit your needs. However do keep in mind that you do not have to buy any supplies from us, you are free to buy and sell whatever goods your heart desires without worrying about breaking a contract.

Our additional services also include Legal and accounting advise to start up your business, marketing, store locator, lease negotiations, technical support, Periodic visits from our trainers, training for the new hired  and much more options.

Do not delay, licensing normally costs $65,000 or more. Take advantage of this opportunity while it still lasts.

Need More Info..., sign up for our blog and ask any questions, you will also find a lot of FAQ

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