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Gionee M5, a smartphone with two batteries

Gionee M5, a smartphone with two batteries

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In our daily activities, we probably use our smartphones quite a lot. And let’s face it, one of the biggest problems that we still have is the fact that you need to recharge your smartphone almost every day.


So, here is a phone that seems to do things differently because the developers did something unique and attached two batteries to it, that seem to guarantee a large period of time for intensive use.


Searching for the most durable smartphone? Why not get a smartphone containing two batteries in the same package which automatically switches without resorting to bulky cables and accessories?

Sounds pretty good and let’s face it nobody would mind having a phone that can be used with no problems for more than a few days. Actually sounds too good to be true but this is exactly what is going on.

Admitting the problems, the Chinese manufacturer fromGionee will launch the Gionee M5, a powerful smartphone equipped with two batteries, together providing up to 4 days of use without worry. Working in hot-swap configuration, batteries can be replaced without turning off the mobile phone. The user has the possibility to earn extra battery life resorting to the extra juice.


Brought to public attention with a teaser posted on social network Weibo, Gionee showed an interesting image presentation and list of specifications that at first glance sounded really good. And a great part is that the phone is also very affordable because you will not see any huge price tag.


Meanwhile, another Chinese manufacturer showed a possible rival for M5. The price will be between $160 to $290. Innos D6000 is a smartphone with two batteries of 3520 mAh and 2480 mAh, together offering a capacity of 6000 mAh. Like the Gionee promised, the new D6000 allows replacement of one battery without switching off the device. According to the company, Innos D6000 allow 3-5 days of intensive use or 60 days in standby mode. D6000 can charge both batteries simultaneously, significantly shortening the waiting time.


Variant price will be of $290, modernized octa-core chipset of 1.8GHz (Snapdragon 615), helped by 3GB of RAM. Specification list mentions the presence of a 5.2˝ screen with 1080p resolution, dual-SIM support (4G connectivity on both cards), 16MP camera with F2.2 aperture, the front camera of 5MP, USB 3.1 connector. The phone has a dimension of 144 × 72.2 × 11.9 mm and comes with Android version 5.0. The $160 model come with a different configuration using a less expensive MediaTek chipset with 2GB RAM helped. For this great price we do get a lot of features from Gionee M5, we do have to say that there aren’t a lot of smartphones in the market that can match this kind of offer. But, of course, there will be people who will be sceptical about its efficacy. Why do we have to trust the developers? And probably the best answers that we can give them are, the developers are making a public commitment that they do indeed plan on bringing the entire experience to the user so that they can experience it first hand. So take this into consideration before judging them too harshly.

So knowing the details of this phone what are you going to do? From the way we see it, Gionee M5 should have your attention quite fast and the price might be the best on the market. Are you going to give it a try or at least think about the possibility to get one for yourself? If so don’t hesitate anymore and get down to business because the faster you have it the faster you will be able to enjoy this new experience. Be the first in your friends group that goes for such a phone and surprise them with your gadget’s performance, they will definitely be impressed by it and you will get a lot of attention.

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Samsung Galaxy cell phone batteries in stock

Samsung Galaxy cell phone batteries in stock

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