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Ipad Repair Sarasota

Ipad Repair Sarasota

Do you have a cracked screen on your iPad? We've got your fix! Bring in your IPAD (all models welcome) and we can fix it for you in about an hour. No need for an appointment, just come on down. We are located at 3412 Clark Rd. Sarasota, Fl 34231. Or you can give us a call at 941-922-2580 with your questions.

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iPhone 5s can bend too

iPhone 5s can bend too
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IPhone 5 repair Wesley Chapel

Here at Gadgets Repair we are able to fix your broken iphone 5 screen in 45 minutes or less! No need to make an appointment, just stop by!

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iPhone 4 Glass Replacement

iPhone 4 Glass Replacement

I destroyed the glass on my iPhone 4. What do I do now? Do I got to the Apple store and spend $200 to get a refurbished phone without my information? Do I buy a new phone for $400? Why not go to your local Gadgets Repair and spend less than $100 to fix the broken screen on your iPhone 4? At Gadgets Repair we specialize in fixing the broken glass/display on Apple products. The best part is, it's a same day repair! Just drop off your phone at your local Gadgets Repair and get a bite to eat; come back, and taa-dahh your iPhone 4 is looking better than ever! For prices or questions regarding this repair, call the Gadgets Repair closest to you.


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GADGETS H2O PROOF, Electronics water & Liquid Proof

GADGETS H2O PROOF, Electronics water & Liquid  Proof

Electronic components are more a part of our lives than many people think.  Virtually everything in the home and for personal use has electronic components.  Smartphones, tablets, keyboards, cameras, speakers, and mp3 players are made of electronic components.  These components consist of printed circuit boards, batteries, transistors, IC chips, resistors, capacitors and the like, and like all electronics, each part is extremely sensitive to moisture and any liquid.

Moisture, water in particular, can cause corrosion and oxidation, rust, on the conductive paths of the circuitry, and this will lead to catastrophic failure from short circuiting.  The device ceases to work, and the consumer is left with few options but to replace the device.

 GADGETS H2O PROOF™ is a new form of protection from liquid damage without the need for external protection that can sharply reduce the usage and aesthetic appeal of a device.

This solution provides the highest levels of protection from liquids of all types, while simultaneously keeping the device as original as possible.

Rather than the large, bulky covers on today’s devices or the seals that can eventually fail, this new product will not change the look, feel and design of the phone, an element that many now take into consideration when purchasing a cover for a device such as a smart or cell phone.

GADGETS H2O PROOF™ is currently searching for providers, service centers and others across the globe.  Anyone who is willing to offer some of the best protection on the market for their own, family and customer personal cellphones is encouraged to contact us.

Liquid Exposure Protection

Want to text with wet hands or listen to music while walking in the rain?  Now you can.

GADGETS H2O PROOF™ uses a special liquid repellent coating that covers devices against the occasional splash or exposure to a liquid that can ruin a cell phone and a day.

Disclaimer:GADGETS H2O PROOF ™ preventative coating is designed for accidental exposure to liquids.  No assumption of responsibility is assumed for water damaged devices.  GADGETS H2O PROOF ™ does not recommend using your device in or around water to avoid contact as much as possible.

Approved Devices:

All Cell phones up to 5.2 inches wide, Samsung Note 2 & 3 are supported , but Mega galaxy is not supported.

·         All Apple iPhones  3, 3Gs, 4, 4s, 5. 5c, 5s

·         All Samsung up to 5.2 inches

·         All Blackberry

·         All HTC

·         Motorola , Nokia, LG, Huawei, …etc


† Due to the inherent design of the fingerprint sensor, you may experience malfunction after accidental liquid exposure. To allow the fingerprint scanner to regain functionality, power off the device and allow to dry for a minimum of 48 hours per our recommended preventative steps.


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